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IPSR (Intellectual Property Survey Research) is an arm of Seggev Consulting, Inc. that provides expert survey services for IP litigation, including the design and implementation of original surveys and the rebuttal of opposing parties’ surveys. Dr. Seggev then supports his surveys and rebuttals in his capacity as an expert witness.

Dr. Seggev is an experienced expert witness and a highly knowledgeable and skillful consumer researcher who is well versed in the admissibility prerequisites of survey research conducted specifically for litigation research. His record is indicative of the high standards of his work.

Litigation research quality can be evaluated along three dimensions: (1) Whether the proffered research has employed methodologies accepted by the courts; (2) The extent to which the study in question adhered to the scientific principles that form the basis of consumer behavior theory and consumer research; and (3) Researcher’s creativity in developing the most appropriate design for the unique issue being litigated.

While most IP research studies submitted in evidence are designed to satisfy the first factor, it is the presence or the absence of the other two that determine the effectiveness of the research effort. IPSR can be counted on to be very creative within the bounds of scientific standards ensuring that it can withstand the most eloquent rebuttals.