Survey research has become an indispensable tool in litigating Lanham Act cases making it critical for IP litigators to be thoroughly familiar with the topic. However, nothing in their training prepares attorneys for understanding the intricacies of survey methodology, analysis and application in real-life situations. Survey research is particularly forbidding because it reminds people of statistics and math, a frightening subject for many.

Dr. Seggev is offering a half-day in-house seminar to remedy that situation. The seminar addresses four topics:

  • How to determine if survey research is applicable in a particular case and what to expect if research had been conducted?
  • What are the principal elements of good survey research in general and in litigation in particular?
  • What factors to consider when evaluating prospective survey research experts?
  • What to look for when deposing or cross-examining survey experts when the opposing party has proffered research results?

The seminar consists of lectures and illustrations of real life cases aimed at turning concepts into practical tools. Participants are encouraged to contact Dr. Seggev at any time after the completion of the seminar with questions or comments at no extra cost. Dr. Seggev is deeply committed to the notion that knowledge leads to intelligent action and welcomes inquiries as well as success stories.