After receiving a PhD in marketing based on original research in brand loyalty, which was honored with the American Marketing Association’s Dissertation Award, Dr. Seggev taught for 26 years in graduate business programs as a full-time faculty member. Throughout his career he also worked in commercial marketing research starting with seven years in various research positions. In 1980 Dr. Seggev founded and operated Marketing Systems Inc. (MSI), a marketing research company, until the company was acquired two years later by a U.K.-based research and product design firm.

In 1985 Dr. Seggev started a new marketing research company (Marketing Strategy & Planning – MS&P Inc.), which employed 20 people—including 6 PhD-holding research scientists—by the time it was acquired in 1999 by a global U.K.-based research and media company.

Since 2002, when his association with the company had ceased, he has devoted all his efforts to litigation-related survey research and to marketing and business strategy consulting for established high-tech companies and startups.

During his research career Dr. Seggev has conducted, designed, directed, and reported on thousands of studies.


  • Poised, calm, articulated and respectful in the face of most combative encounters
  • Verbally clear and precise
  • Very adept at presenting the most complex statistical and technical concepts in simple terms that finders of fact and juries can easily comprehend
  • Has keen interest in trial law and the proper application of research in that arena
  • Views litigation as a fitting stage for advancing the cause of scientific research mainly because the parties are strongly motivated to pursue all avenues in order to prevail