Designs & Methods


While design choice may be influenced by the tradition of specific Districts, it is important to remember that each case is unique and each deserves a completely fresh look to determine the best method for getting at the underlying issue. That is where creativity meets scientific rigor.

In likelihood of confusion studies, for example, Dr. Seggev has used both Squirt and Eveready designs. He has used the former far more than the latter because of the nature of the projects that came his way. He is equally familiar with, and knowledgeable about, both research designs. Also, he has employed the DuPont test in genericness studies when appropriate.

Data Collection

Just as research design is determined by the study objective and market context so is the data collection method. Given the length of his research career, Dr. Seggev has had the opportunity to execute the whole gamut of methodologies—from in-home personal interviewing in the days when citizens were still ready to let a stranger in their homes, to online interviewing done on a global scale. In likelihood of confusion cases, for instance, mall intercept personal interviews and online interviewing are the two most commonly used methods depending on the way consumers shop for the product category in question and the way the market is organized to serve customers’ needs.